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Telepremium has grown to become a well-known and respected leader in the wholesale telecommunications business. We are fully dedicated and highly experienced in International Premium Rate Numbers, supporting more than 8000 customers worldwide offering over 250 premium terminations on a revenue share basis. We have mature, caring and experienced staff to guide you.

So now all you have to do is decide which numbers you would like to take and in no time at all (a few minutes) you will start earning from your traffic. Depending on the destination you have chosen the you will be paid on daily, weekly or monthly period. We offer you customized panel with real time statistics and automatic system for getting and releaseing numbers.

In a nutshell, here is how it works

You choose your range of numbers among 200's we have to offer

Request the numbers you want from the user panel

Start getting traffic on your numbers

Track your statistics online

Get ready to be paid

Many customers ask us what is the best way of getting traffic. There are many ways to advertise your numbers and sending traffic.You can promote your numbers via SMS campaigns, web sites and blogs, spread them with your products,android and iphone apps are very popular method this days, so be creative and try to promote your numbers in different ways to achieve the best results. Are you ready to join?

Money at the end of the day

We will make you earn money like never before! We offer you support in providing IVR or SIP service. Setup your own interactive voice record or forwarding your premium calls to your Call Center. Providing you with sophisticated premium rate numbers system you can check your stats in real time, tracking access numbers, allocating numbers, checking money balance and much more.

How International Premium Rate Numbers work?

IPRN services have become a common way for businesses and media companies to add value to their products and generate revenue. This is common practice in developed countries in USA and Western Europe where the telecom industry is highly developed.

Many countries in the world mostly in Asia, the Middle East and Africa do not have domestic premium rate numbers and solutions that are useful for this type of activities. That is where international premium rate numbers are used. The way that they work is broadly the same. The end users calling the premium numbers are charged and Telepremium pay you commission from the traffic passed by telecom carriers to your premium numbers.

IPRN Access

It's very important to have access in order to be able to call international premium rate numbers. The access depends mainly from the interconnections between the telecom carriers around the world. That's why some range of numbers can be dialed from particular countries and operators but others not. Telepremium is working to improve the access by providing you wide list of premium numbers terminations. More terminations means better access. Remember that not having access today , not means that will be aways like that. The route between telecom carriers is changing often so you could test from time to time. Telepremium will also help you in that direction by proving you access list in your customer panel.

Financial Model

As a financial model, the end user is billed according to his plan for international call with his operator. Telepremium will pay you commission which depends from telecom carriers and their networks tariffs. Passing more traffic help us to provide better rates allowing you to cover the cost of your services and advertising and make a good profit margin.

Traffic Security & Limits

Thanks to close cooperation with telecom carriers and continuous improvements of the traffic security and anti fraud improvements, we are able to effectively avoid the telecom fraud issues and security attacks. Telepremium have set numbers of limits requested from customers and telecom carriers in order to distinguish the good traffic from the bad. This is helping to secure your payment and prevent you from losses. For more information regarding limitations please contact us.

SIP Routing Services

Telepremium represents a strong and reliable partner with the capacity to withstand fluctuations in the wholesale telecom industry and offers its partners routing option. This service will allow you to receive the calls directly on your telephone switching server. All numbers will be automatically redirected to your server from where you can handle your incoming calls. Telepremium holds a top notch technological platform for call-management call-routing and call-termination.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. Telepremium is an expert in IVR application development and management, billing platform development, web applications as well as security and antifraud solutions with a focus on the wholesale telecom industry. At Telepremium, we believe that people are the key to success. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes. To set your own IVR please contact us.

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