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Telepremium is IPRN provider interconnected in more than 250 countries and 2500 networks.

millions of minutes stats

Stay on top of your call statistics.

Statistics is extremely valuable because guides you in important decisions that can improve your business and your customer service. By combining these with other data features, you can create an even more powerful setup of your premium rate numbers.

thick Real Time Statistics Real Time Statistics & User Report
thick CDR Export CDR Export
thick Detailed Statistics Detailed Statistics per SRC / DST Number
Thick Reports High & Low ACD Reports
Thick IPRN Traffic Analytics Traffic Analytics

Advanced Anti Fraud integration.

Our top priority is to protect your business from disputes and malicious actions by analyzing your premium voice traffic in real-time using most advanced algorithms and ring-back techniques. We aim to prevent the IRSF by analyzing IPRN traffic patterns.

thick pbx detection PBX Detection
thick traffic warnings Traffic Analytics & Warnings
thick number blocking Dynamic Number Blocking
thick premium calls Premium Calls Defense
thick Telephone regulation Telephone-based regulation

international premium rate numbers security
IPRN Customer Panel of Telepremium

Friendly panel allows you to control your value-added services.

Easy navigation , great control over your premium rate service. You have complete access to your value added numbers. Automated panel with artificial inteligence algorighims will provide you best experience and control over your value added services, statistics & billing processes. Our goal is to provide full control over the IPRN number assignment process with minimum human interraction.

thick active calls Real-time calls
thick live calls Live Access
thick stats Statistics & Reports
thick ivr Interactive Voice Records (IVR)
thick reqeust numbers Autonomous Number Assignment
thick billing Billing Management
thick withdraw Withdrawals Management
international premium rate numbers control User Control

Guaranteed Partner

You always need reliable partner when it’s comes to business. It’s important for you, your clients and contractors to receive revenue on time. We understand this and therefor we build one of a kind IPRN system with Stealth precision.

We provide fast and reliable service. We are dedicated to serve our customers and satisfy every need. Today is important to be adaptive and fast when it’s come to premium service providers. We understand this and therefore we created unique way to guarantee your performance.

Make step forward with our unique solution, speed up your work , make higher profits and bring benefits to your business.

Premium Content Providers.

Content providers use premium-rate telephone numbers to charge end user for certain services such as horoscopes, games & apps , directory enquiries, TV voting, weather forecast.

Check our IPRN directory and choose the best premium number that suits your business. Our experts will assist you to find best premium rate termination for your premium services. Generate traffic on your business and collect continuous revenue and expand your audience. Do not hesitate to contact us , share your expectancies and our team will provide you the best connectivity and premium range that fits your country and business model.
international premium rate numbers reseller

Step Into The Reseller Club.

Telepremium has been build stable interconnections and reliable connectivity to vast network of telecommunication operators. Use our knowledge and expertise to collect your traffic directly from Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 carriers via settlement-free interconnection. Boost your business by joing our telecommunication HUB. This will Increase your revenue and expand your clientele.High payout rates are avalble with access to most exclusive IPRN terminations.

thick high payout High Payout Dedicated for Resellers
thick white label panel White Label Panel
thick number assignment Dynamic Number Assignment
thick routing Trunk Integration with your Platform
thick billing control Billing & User Control

1/1 Daily Cycle

Premium Rate Services could be often are expensive and time to get the revenue too much. Occasionally, we get a customer that has a unique situation where they have to do daily payout. Our company cares deeply about your financial well-being, therefore we offer daily (1/1) payout as solution so you can achieve your financial goals, pay your employees, vendors and contractors. Find out your daily payout and international transfer limits and how to change them to suit your IPRN business.

7/1 Weekly

We provide you with an invoice for every amount you delivered from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. The payout is released next day to your account and you must receive it within 1 – 3 working days after the email confirmation.

30/30 Monthly

As they say, the long you wait, the more you take. The highest payouts are on monthly payout terms as the most telecommunication business pays every 30/30 days. This is actually the most convenient and reliable payout terms in IPRN industry that guaranteeds high payout rates.
international premium rate numbers call center

B2B Software Services.

A call center is a centralized department to which phone calls from current and potential customers are directed. Typically, an inbound call center handles a considerable volume of calls at the same time, screens and forwards calls to someone qualified to handle them and logs calls. An interactive voice response (IVR) system will answer calls and utilize speech recognition technology to either address customer queries with an automated message or route calls to the appropriate call center agents or recipients via an automated call distributor.

Data Security.

We provide 3-levels of authorisation and security measurements to keep your personal and corporate data safe and secure. Logging history and Browser History are kept secure. Personal details are secured and safe with our intelligent system.

thick ssl site SSL Secure
thick secure data 3-level algorithm keeping your personal data secure
thick authorisation 2-level locking authorisation to secure payment modes
thick data Data integrity
thick logging Logging History
thick xxs filter XSS Filter