Android developer from Russia designer app using IPRN

Published 21.06.2016

The creator of mobile apps designed small programs such as games which users can download at the click of a button. Designer created popular apps and making them available for download. In just a few days the apps were downloaded 14,000 times across 18 countries. In the UK alone, the app made £28,000.

Super Premium Numbers

Published 21.06.2016

MTNL Mumbai today announce to bid for Super Premium and Premium Landline numbers.“Premium Number” means the special category of telephone numbers belonging to the Company, posted for bidding and sale. The Premium Number auction is available only for the Customers (above 18 years if individuals) who shall subscribe for new landline connection or change their existing landline number through MTNL Mumbai website and not available for foreign nationals

GP using IPRN

Published 20.06.2016

Patients using premium rate phone numbers to contact their GP. Which more affordable cost than domestic numbers IPRN become more and more popular. Although surgeries receive some of the income generated by the calls, doctors insist they do not make a profit and any revenue is spent on installing and operating the phone system. Under Department of Health guidance calling for an end to the use of such numbers, no line should be installed if it costs more than a normal geographical number. Doctors we’ll continue to work with all those practices that have premium rate numbers. Premium rate industry become more and more popular from 2010.

IPRN Study from 2013 and 2015

Published 19.06.2016

In 2013, IPRN starting rapidly growing in telecommunications industry. Several surveys reported that 60% of all calls were terminated in the ten countries listed below. The 2013 results are compared to the data collected in this 2015 study. For example, in the 2013 study, Latvia was the number one destination for IPRN. There were more calls to Latvia than any other country. Latvia is ranked number four in terms of providers offering premium rate numbers. Latvia is ranked twenty-two in terms of the average payout, and fifth when countries are ranked by the highest payout rate. Here is the top countries list: -Latvia
-Sierra Leone
-East Timor

Advertising IPRN with Google ads

Published 18.06.2016

Add phone numbers to your ads Encourage calls to your business by showing your phone number on your ad. Display a clickable call button with your ad (on high-end mobile devices). How you benefit Adding phone numbers to your ads makes it easy for people to call you on the go. You can share these numbers across ads within an ad group or entire campaign. Clicks on call-only ads exclusively drive calls to your business. You can set numbers to show only when your business can take calls. You can count calls as conversions. Learn more about call conversions. Clicks on your number are the same cost as headline clicks (a standard CPC). Call extensions have typically increased clickthrough rate by 4-5%.